The Steam Beer Hall

Cleanliness – 4/5

Size – 4/5

Comfort – 3/5

Decoration – 2/5

Overall Toilet Experience – 3/5

Overall Toilet Experience Review : First off this is a great little bar ! Its large well decorated and has table tennis tables ! what more do you need ! The toilets are called ‘Watering holes’ from a far you are expecting some exotic, amazonian toilets decorated either like the jungle, however when you  get there you realise these toilets will never live up to your dream ! these are basic toilets decorated to the same standard that any weather spoons are decorated. However its a great place to ave a drink !


One thought on “The Steam Beer Hall

  1. There not called “watering holes”-they are actually called “water closets”.
    Hence no jungle decor,!,I suppose it always helps to read the sign properly first.


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