The Horseshoe Pub Toilets – Bristol

Note; There are 3 toilets strategically placed within this drinking establishement. This is an overall review of the whole experience

Cleanliness -3/5

Size – 2.5/5

Comfort – 3.5/5

Decoration – 2.5/5

Overall Toilet Experience: 3/5

Overall Toilet Experience Summary: The horseshoe actually has 3 toilets within the establishment. All strategically placed so that you are always in a 5m radius of a loo. The cleanliness varies. The toilet in the bar is nice clean, and modern. The one in the bar is outdated and could do with a refresh and the one outside… is outside for a reason. In terms of comfort you are in close proximity to fellow toilet users, so this could be difficult if you are an agressively loud toilet user or somewhat shy. Decoration varies the one in the lounge has a quaint homely feel to it, whilst the one in the bar looks like no one has touched it since the 70s and the one outside, is outside.  Overall experience is good due to access , overall average toilet experience,


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